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TRx Call Recorder Windows CE

TRx is a phone call recording program for Pocket PCs and Smartphones
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24 June 2009

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When it comes to dealing with important clients, it’s essential for the companies to have a proper track of communication with them. Emails can be stored, but if you go for a telephonic conversation it becomes difficult recording all your calls for legal purposes, if ever needed in that way. Well, you needn’t remain worried or confused as an easier way of doing this comes to you in the form of TRx Call Recorder Windows CE 4.11. The utility has been tailored for Smartphones and Pocket PCs to let you record your phone calls with ease. It facilitates manual and automatic phone call recording over your portable device. The program proves utterly beneficial in keeping legal call record for business purposes, while storing the recorded files with wave or gsm formats. It further supports creating automatic recordings’ mirror into an alternate folder to create backup, and regulating recording volumes levels automatically.

The TRx Call Recorder Windows CE displays an intuitive interface with smoothly operable features. The program records telephone calls through a telephony device, voice modem, or an appropriate connector from mobile phone line into you sound within the socket. It features File, Call, View, Settings, Find and Play, and access Help. These are further accompanied by Record and Hold, followed by Toolbox. When you wish to record any call press ‘Record’ and any time can ‘Hold’ the call while the process is going on. While beginning to record the calls, you can alter the settings relating the Devices, Options, Record and Hold. The Devices features allows configuring devices, whereas ‘Options’ lets you configure display Caller ID TRx Tips, activate hot keys, start program automatically, copy/mirror recording, log MD5 checksums, etc. Further, Record feature comprises of Recording, Audio Format, and Recording Destination, along with Hold containing On Hold Player Options and Telephone Audio Play Process related features. Whenever a recording completes you can find and play, and edit, burn, backup, and perform various other functions. The program further includes several other features to make recording easier.

TRx Call Recorder Windows CE 4.11 allows the convenient recording of your phone calls from your Smartphones and Pocket PC. The utility deserves a score of 4 rating points for its comfortably operable feature-set and its remarkable performance.

Publisher's description

TRx is a phone call recording program for Pocket PCs and Smartphones. This phone recording software allows you to manually or automatically record telephone calls on your portable device.Designed to help you meet legal call recording requirements for business the TRx phone recorder is simple to install and easy to use and you'll be ready to record telephone calls in just minutes.
TRx Features
~Save recordings as wave or gsm files
~Automatic mirror of recordings to an alternative folder for backup
~Regulates recording volumes levels automatcially
~No extra hardware is needed
TRx Call Recorder Windows CE
TRx Call Recorder Windows CE
Version 4.11
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